Packaging Factory

Do you work from an office with no warehousing space, or perhaps even home?  Let us worry about all the logistics of picking, packing, and waiting for couriers and trucks to show up while you focus on sales and your customers.  We have an additional 30,000 sq ft dedicated to storing your product so that you don’t have to worry about hiring warehouse staff, pallet racks or forklifts… that’s our job!  And if you are currently using 3PL services, you’re paying for your product to go from the manufacturer to your 3PL company… not with us!  You save that shipping step (and cost!) when you work with us.  Your product goes directly from our manufacturing facility into our dedicated 3PL warehouse, no cost to you.

  • Fully site licensed facility by Health Canada

  • Direct to consumer shipments

  • Direct to retailer shipments

  • Direct to Distribution Centre shipments (example – GNC Distribution Center, Costco, Amazon etc)

  • Canada Post, UPS, ATS Healthcare etc

  • 3PL services only offered to Capsule Factory clients