FlavorLab – Canada’s BEST!

We are flavor designers!  Capsule Factory’s in-house FlavorLab is among the best in the industry and we’re here for YOU.  We know that your consumers are demanding, and want the best tasting and most effective products….  That’s why we don’t quit until you are happy with all aspects if your product formula…  Taste, Color, and of course efficacy.  These are the pillars of repeat sales, which is win / win for all involved… the manufacturer, the brand, the retailer, and of course the consumer.  Here’s just a few things FlavorLab can offer your brand:

  • We can achieve ANY flavor you can imagine… fruits, candy flavors, chocolates, vanillas, anything you can imagine!

  • Natural or artificial flavors

  • Natural or artificial sweeteners

  • Any mouth feel your desire… thick, thin and anything in between

  • Complete Vegan formulas