Don’t let our name fool you…  Capsule Factory does tablets too!  Whether you are looking for single ingredient tablet products such as Caffeine or Vitamin C, or multi-ingredient tablet products such as multi-vitamins, Capsule Factory can help you take your project from paper to production.  Here’s how we can help you with your Tablet products:

Vegan formula
Scored Tablets
Chewable Tablets
Branded Tablets
  • Complete Vegan formulations available

  • Tablets of all shapes, colors and sizes available

  • Custom tooling available – with YOUR logo stamped on each tablet

  • Chewable tablets

  • Scored tablets (for easy and accurate splitting of tablets)

  • Custom capsule colors available (minimum order quantities apply) as well as printed (your logo) available

  • We can produce over 700,000 tablets per shift

  • Minimum quantity for custom formulas:100,000 tablets

  • For quantities less than 100,000 tablets, please see our listing of Private Label products available.

Tablet Bottling

  • Bottling available from 10ct bottles up to 500ct

  • Variety of packaging (bottles & lids) size, color, shapes available

  • We can bottle 10,000 bottles per shift

  • Pressure sensitive lid liners, induction seal, and shrink seal available


For a more premium packaging option, we also offer cartoning of individual bottles.


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